Over the years, I have never understood why some files that are not double-spaced, mysteriously open with a line space between each line of code in Dreamweaver.  I used to take the tedious time hitting “Backspace” and the up arrow key in rapid fire manner to get back to beautiful single-spaced code.

However, since learning how to do regular expression searches, I can now share with you how to get rid of these extra lines.

Steps to removing double spacing from Dreamweaver code:

  1. Open “Find and Replace” in Dreamweaver
  2. Check “Use Regular Expressions”
  3. Enter [rn]{2,} in the find box.  This will search for double line breaks in your code.
  4. Enter n in the replace box.  This replaces the double line break with a single break.
  5. Press “Replace All” and you’re good to go!



Want to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Steps to prevent Dreamweaver from inserting blank lines or double spaces in the future:

  1. In Dreamweaver, go to “Preferences”
  2. Go to “Code Format” on the left hand side
  3. Change the “Line Break Type” to match your server’s operating system.  In most cases, this is Linux.