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Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Website Design

Most real estate agents have cookie cutter websites offered to them by their broker-dealer.  The only identifiable differences among these websites are the less than flattering photos of the agents and the background color.  A custom website by eChazen Internet Solutions demonstrates your professionalism, showcases your current listings, and guides clients into going with you.

Attract people to your site and motivate them to contact you

When you have a distinctive website URL, your clients don’t have to remember your phone number or keep track of that elusive business card.  Your own catchy URL (domain name) leads your clients to your current real estate listings at their convenience.  Your custom real estate website becomes your partner, working days, nights and weekends, providing leads and never taking a cut!  Let eChazen Internet Solutions help you create that partnership!

Ways to visually display your properties

Contact eChazen to choose your customized approach to giving your clients a virtual tour of your homes.  Help them experience being there with the “smell of warm cookies baking in the oven” feeling.

Website designer and photographer working together

You are the expert in assessing your clients’ needs – matching these with the best property.  You need an equally qualified specialist in web design and home photography.  Don’t let unimaginative photos prevent a sale.  We have paired up with talented Metro Phoenix photographers to bring out the best of the home’s facade, spaces within the home, and backyard getaway.  With their photos and our graphics, you receive a winning combination!

Drive web traffic to your site

Home buyers know what they want and are doing their own looking online.  You need them to find you through search engine keywords.  Right now agents who are “early technology adopters” are using Search Engine Optimization to drive web traffic to their websites.  Don’t wait for this window of opportunity to pass you by.  Ride the top of this wave of new technology to build your exposure, clientèle, and sales.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is enlisting professionals who understand how the search engines rank websites in relation to keywords used in search engine queries.  They drive more traffic to your website by helping you appear as close to the top of a search engine query as possible.  If you are locked into a company website, you are boxed into their approach and can’t do this at all.  With your own site, you control your destiny by driving traffic to your site and even to you individual listings.

Contact us to design your new real estate partner.

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