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Flash Intro
Flash Intro 
Here is a snapshot of the flash intro for Reecestudios.com 
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    Flash Intro
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    Gallery Snapshot
Type: Phoenix Arizona Flash Web Design Portfolios
Designer: Alfred
Featured: Yes

Reecesudios.com is a site done completely in Adobe Flash.  The introduction contains a sequence of paintings that come together from smaller pieces.  It is best to turn on your volume when you visit the site.  Robert Reece is a California artist who uses a style all his own.  In his painting gallery, you will find a great array of colors and tones.


Robert Reece is a contemporary painter currently living in southern California.  With far reaching influences that stretch from the giants of abstract expressionism like Pollack, Motherwell and Frankenthaler all the way to the Russian Avant Garde, Robert has developed a unique style that has been described as a "philosophical knot" as well as "muscular, opulent mystery".  Creating his pieces through multiple layers of enamel, oil, acrylic and paper, Robert's work invites the audience to contemplate the canvas and discover things on their own.

Robert's mother is an award-winning water color painter who eventually owned and operated an art gallery in Orange County, California.  It was there that Robert learned the varied aspects of the art business.  The next, logical step from the bricks and mortar gallery was to use technology and the internet to display his art and reach customers on a world wide basis.  Robert turned to eChazen Internet Solutions to design and build a website that would help facilitate this.  The task was not an easy one.  How to design a site, which is its own visual medium, that allowed the artwork to take center stage?  It had to be unique, yet simple, elegant and easy to navigate.  The end result is what you see at www.reecestudio.com.  An intriguing, internet gallery that has allowed Robert to expand his client base from Singapore to Canada.

Live Site: Reece Studios

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