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Why does eChazen not do pornographic sites or adult web site design?

Thinking of doing a pornographic website or adult web site design?  Think again.

Of all the numerous contributors to the decay of family, marriage, morality and security, eChazen Internet Solutions, LLC. would probably put pornography at the top of the list.  It is extremely difficult to know where to start when speaking of the horrible effects of pornography.  Let us just list a few.


Effects of Pornography:

  • Infidelity in marriage.  Men, or women, who are engrossed in pornography are much more likely to participate in extra-marital affairs.  This has irreversible effects on the other spouse and the children.
  • Molestation of children.  Just about every child molester will attribute their down fall to exposure to pornography.
  • Raping of women.  Hundreds of women are raped every day.  Men who engross themselves in pornography who have no means of acting out their fantasies, will often force them upon innocent women.
  • Murder.  A study was conducted by a psychologist on men who murder where their victims were people they didn't know or had no "reasonable" cause to kill.  It was found that the vast majority of these serial and predatory killers started on this path by participating in viewing pornography.
  • Disrespect for women.  Men, today more than ever, have such a low-level respect for women and womanhood.  They look at women as more sex objects than anything else.  Men no longer look to women for companionship, friendship and partnership in life.  They simply use women to satisfy their sexual needs.

Every year eChazen is confronted by potential clients looking to do pornographic sites.  eChazen has immediately turned them down and will continue to do so for its entire existence.  We look upon those who promote or own these types of sites as worse than the murderers, rapists and molesters of the world because they help create these types of people.  They pollute the world with this filth just to get a chunk of this multi-billion dollar industry.  How they sleep at night knowing a child might be getting molested by someone who viewed their site and acted on his urges is beyond comprehension.


If you are considering setting up a pornographic site, please rethink your life and don't contact eChazen Internet Solutions