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Letterhead Design

Adding a letterhead to your company documents, which are closely tied to your website graphics, is a great way to create a consistent, professional appearance. Many organizations, including government organizations, will not accept certain documents or forms without official company letterhead. Move ahead in the business world and let us create a letterhead just for you!

Many software applications like Microsoft Office and others have features for you to design your own letterheads.  While these are great for those just getting started, they are not great if you want to impress your clients.  Professionally designed company letterhead makes a world of difference.


Considering the following when choosing a design:

  • The cost of printing letterhead can be greatly affected by the design of the letterhead.  For instance, using a colored background can be more expensive than using a white sheet.  Also, the amount of graphics used can increase the amount of ink, and therefore your cost.
  • A cluttered design can distract from the actual content of the letter and will look unprofessional to your clients.  Background images, if used, should be faded and barely visible to not be distracting.

Letterhead Printing

Intuitive and smart letterhead design is what eChazen's Print Media Department is all about. We will work closely with you to:

  • Decide on a design and layout using your existing logo or a logo which we create for you
  • Select the printing package that meets your needs
  • eChazen 's Print Media Department will handle printing your letterhead and ship it to your destination.

Contact us for a quote on Letterhead Design and Letterhead Printing Packages.