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Arizona State University site launched! 

eChazen Internet Solutions was contacted by Arizona State University's Del E. Webb School of Construction to give their site a new face-lift.  They were faced with many complex issues with the old site and asked us to deliver a rock-solid layout and design to remedy the situation. 


Their complaints about the old site were:

  • Hard to navigate
  • Hard to find needed information
  • Too cluttered
  • Not intuitive and was hard to follow
  • Front page was crammed with information
  • Faculty, alumni, students and other groups were fighting for space on the front page
  • Subpages did not have a standard theme

Using our years of design experience, we delivered a design with a horizontal menu that provides multi-level drop-down menus.  This allows for more horizontal "real-estate" for the content area which the different groups were fighting for.  We also kept the layout clean and simple so that content is easy to read.  We designed sub-sections that use the same layout and theme, but supply different color schemes to give them their uniqueness.


Here are the files that we delivered to them:

The menus were not included in our deliveries since ASU chose to use their own menu script.  Notice these are purely CSS designs which are completely table-less. 


Click here to see the live site!