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Phoenix Arizona Website Designers & Developer Jobs

eChazen is a rapidly growing Phoenix Arizona Web Design Firm and we are constantly looking for new and creative talent.  If you feel that you meet most of the criteria in the job listings below, please apply for the position and we will reply shortly.  If you have unique web design or web programming skills that do not match any of the postings listed below, please contact us to explain them!

Phoenix Arizona Brochure Designer

We are currently in the market for a brochure designer to join our print team.  As a brochure designer, you will be involved in taking design instructions and directions from the client and using client logos, colors, and themes, to create a high-resolution brochure to meet the clients needs.  Please have examples of brochures you have done and any other media, as well.  Please contact us at for more information.

Phoenix Arizona Flash Designer

Our flash department is currently overloaded. We are looking for a Flash Designer to help ease that load.  We need someone who has a great eye for design, knowledge of ActionScript, and is a great Flash animator.  If you feel you qualify, please contact us for more information.