Mobile Application Development Service

Do you want a customized, native iOS or Android app? Do you prefer a cross-platform compatible responsive web application or would you want a secure backend?

As a mobile application development company, Echazen has extensive experience in creating high performance, native mobile applications for all the major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and more.

Companies choosing Echazen for custom mobile application development needs can be assured that their final deliverable, no matter the technology or platform it’s built on, will be secure and sustainable in whatever environment it’s hosted.

Echazen has a long history of successful mobile applications development delivery across diverse industries. Our team of mobile app developers includes highly experienced analysts, UX experts who are well-versed in building apps for major platforms like iOS, Android, or Windows.

Custom Application Development

If your site needs to store company data, user information, your inventory, or anything else, you need a customized application to link to these databases. We can implement or link to existing Oracle, and Sybase Databases to name just a few. For new databases that only interface with your Website, MySQL is the most widely used Internet- based database and has the most extensive support.

Do you need a custom site that will have continuously changing content? Do you want your site customized to each user’s needs? Then custom application development is the right fit for you. This could be implemented using such technologies as asp, .net,, PHP, MySQL and more.

Our main development tools can provide most of the standard functionality on an eCommerce website.  These tools allow you to change your product offering, a shopping cart and payment feature, a user forum with user ids, etc.  When you have unique website requirements such as linking to a live database, then custom application development is right for you.

Ecommerce Web Design Service

Whether you’re planning an e-commerce website launch or just redesigning your e-commerce website, you need an agency which understands your business goals clearly before it meets your objectives

If you want to design a compelling landing page with a strong CTA button, you need more than just the run-of-the-mill web design service. You need designers with robust domain expertise to actually improve your e-commerce sales performance. We offer demand-specific e-commerce website development, e-commerce website design, and landing page design service.

Web Hosting

Your website should reside on servers which have the right amount of throughput. This means they can handle the volume of traffic you will generate, especially during your intense promotional periods and not slow down at all.  You also need the servers to be operational 24/7.  Your site needs to be ready for the lunchtime surfer and those who visit your site when they return home from a late night out.

eChazen will not put your website on a single server which could go down until some technician installs the right part and gets it working again.  We put your site on what is called a “cluster of servers”.  If one of the servers goes down, a standby server is put in its place and your customers continue to view your site. They won’t even know anything happened.

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